środa, 4 listopada 2015

What I like

Must remember:

  • - exploration
  • - bow shooting
  • - sniper rifles
  • - simplified equipment (rare)
  • - no equipment selling / pack-mule character (unfortunately very rare)
  • - skills and attributes development (RPG :)
  • - location discovery
  • - challenge
  • - not having gold dragon armor at the early stage of scenario (over-equipment)

What I don't like:

  • over-complication
  • too much micromanagement
  • grinding (repeatable activities)
  • not having total control over my protoplast (neglecting micromanagement leads to this)
  • inventory weight limits (vs inventory number of item limits or simply only equipped items allowed)
  • enemy difficulty scaled up

Now, for the case examples:

  • - SKYRIM!
  • - The Witcher
  • - Fallout 3 et al
  • - Dead Island
  • - Dying Light
  • - FreeLancer? 

Why I stop playing some games and do not come back?

  • - occupied with other things, (like other games)
  • - forgetting that I played one (when occupied with RL for some time)
  • - bored to play
  • - come back seems to be difficult, due to complicated controls, battle, forgetting where was I in the story?

Which games need to be finished (as they are close to the finish and not worth to lick out):

  • - How to survive?

Which games should be played as they are superb and forgotten:

  • - SKYRIM!
  • - The Witcher 1, 2, 3
  • - Fallout 3 - New Vegas
  • - Dead Island
  • - Dying Light
  • - FreeLancer

Have I actually finished the games?

  • Puzzle Quest

NBA 2k15

Nice visuals, many moves, difficult to master, blocking faults a little too frequent, must remember not to play more than 5 games in row, as it gets boring quick.

Visuals: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10

środa, 21 października 2015

How to survive

Not too bad, however when you have top level golden weapons and explosive arrows, it gets slightly boring. The top event is an acquirement of a new base when a huge crowd of zombies attacks, with explosive ones also. Scenario is rather simple, with a guy sending for some components mostly, who probably will be revealed as the bad guy and a Covacs himself. So much for the scenario twist. Ranged weapons are preferred due to explosive fatmen, what is slightly disappointing. Bosses are easy, crafting is limited. Indie game unfortunately have limits.
Playablility: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10
Music: 8/10
Overall: 6/10 (passable, but no jumping high)

środa, 10 grudnia 2014

Batman: Arkham City

Overfulling with content, but surprisingly boring. Too much flying through the town, fights not really catchy, something essential is missing. Open world doesn't work well for this franchise, it seems. Too much distraction for me from the main storyline. First part was linear but felt like movie, this is not a movie anymore, Too much little things to do, no single thread to follow.

Grade: 5/10

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Mechanics similar to base game. Weaponry and setting updated to far future. Missing cover system, probably on purpose. Either silent kill or open conflict. Enemies overrun quickly, what is logical, hide helps. Throwing dices for bait is a nice Easter egg. Generally the game and interface is full of humour, however the setting is not my tale really. Comparing to FC3 and FC2 it's lower league.

Grade: 7/10

LOTR: War in the North

Actually very generic hack and slash with slight RPG elements. In this case RPG elements are 4 primary stats, skills tree, 3 races/professions and some quests. The engine is bland, invisible wall is blocking access to problematic terrain (like 30cm elevation with grass???), no jumping, etc. Fight is too easy (why limit the difficulty? does everybody need to playthrough it 2 times to access very hard, really?), camera barely show your character bottom, so if mobs attack from behind you are totally surprised. Though you cannot fight effectively even if you know they are somewhere there. (vide Batmans or The Witcher) Level design is linear (? come on, no open world, not open locations it's 5th decade of gaming).

Story & Setting: 9 (main interest)
Level Design: 2
Graphics: 5 (old game, ok)
Music: 9 (very nice ambient music and rain)
Playability: 3 (though curious for quests and locations, so will play anyway)


czwartek, 20 listopada 2014


Klasyk, któremu brakuje wygodnego interfejsu użytkownika. Grałem w parę podobnych tytułów, ten jest dość fajny graficznie (chociaż powinien być bardziej uniwersalny, jeżeli chodzi o rozdzielczości i interfejs użytkownika. Gra o hakowaniu, która wymaga używania myszy, to trochę boli. Doszedłem w okolice włamań do banków za pomocą weryfikacji głosowej oraz krzywych eliptycznych i jest to dość przyjemne, chociaż niekiedy trochę powtarzalne. Co jakiś czas na szczęście jest nowa technika zabezpieczeń do łamania, minus to niespodziewany koniec gry, kiedy popełniłeś jakiś drobny błąd (ostatnio było to niefrasobliwe włamanie do serwera mojej macierzystej instytucji, która nieformalnie zatrudnia hakerów ;)  - ech ta ciekawość. Fajny jest też krzyżowanie się misji, najpierw wykradasz dane z korporacji X, a następnie na BBS pojawia się misja od nich, żeby złapać tego złośliwego hackera, który tego dokonał. ;) Gra na twardo nie pozwala wziąć tej misji, a przyjemnie byłoby podmienić logi, żeby kierowały na niewinnego człowieka (co też w misjach się pojawia). Można pograć, ale z kapci nie wyrywa, motywacją jest ciekawość, co jest dalej.